Have you ever desired to grow your own vegetables or herbs at home but were unable to do so for lack of space? Or start a business that is profitable as well as organic? If so, hydroponic gardening could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is Hydroponics?

The science of soil-less gardening is called hydroponics. It basically involves growing healthy plants without the use of a traditional soil medium and by using a nutrient like a mineral-rich water solution instead. A plant just needs selected nutrients, some water, and sunlight to grow. Not only do plants grow without soil, they often grow a lot better with their roots in water instead.

What are its benefits?

Hydroponic gardening is fast becoming a popular choice for many green entrepreneurs around the world due to its more sustainable approach to resource usage than the usual agricultural methods. Here are a few of its many benefits:

By providing constant and readily available nutrition, hydroponics allows plants to grow up to 50% faster than they would in soil. Also, fresh products can be harvested from a hydroponic garden throughout the year.
Great for both the environment and the grown product, hydroponic gardening virtually eliminates the need for herbicides and pesticides compared to traditional soil gardening.
Any water that is used in hydroponic gardening stays in the system and can be reused, reducing the constant need for a freshwater supply!
Arable land is often in short supply and gardening space continues to decrease. A great option when you lack yard space or have a tiny balcony, hydroponics also lends itself really well to indoor gardening.

Published On: November 5th, 2022 / Categories: Green Fund /

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